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Ernesto YturraldeNew trends in the field of learning are supported by the experiential learning methodology developing experiential workshops as part of a training process in which workshops, activities, simulations, initiatives are tools that play a pivotal role in promoting self-discovery from the factual. The activities should be professionally structured and managed to achieve the objectives activated with the debriefing techniques.


Ernesto Yturralde said: "In the field of experiential learning methodology, the debriefing is a semi-structured process by which the facilitator, once a certain activity is accomplished, elicits with a series of progressive questions in this session, with an adequate order that let the participants reflect what happened, giving important insights with the aim of that project towards the future, linking the challenge with the actions and the future."


Debriefing sessions can be made directly without the use of "props" or with them as support tools, achieving highly productive sessions. The skill levels of professional facilitators and their visions for each process, will be essential to capitalize on the experiences of experiential workshops, in moments of inspiration that become Debriefing sessions commitments for actions.


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OTC | Outdoor Training Certificaction - Certificación en Aprendizaje Experiencial


International Certifications based in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru


This certification - in spanish - is for facilitators involved in learning processes who wish to strengthen their knowledge and expertise in the design, development and delivery of Experiential Learning and Outdoor Workshops, and obtain a First Party Certification. Choose the country...


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International Certifications based in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru


This website is sponsored by Ernesto Yturralde & Associates Latin America, led by Ernesto Yturralde Tagle, one of the most recognized facilitators of this powerful methodology in Latin-America, who offers content and solutions for your training needs.


NTL | The National Training Laboratories presented The Learning Pyramid (Pyramid of Learning) based on investigations, concluding that we learn...


  5% of what we hear,

10% of what we read,

20% of what we hear and see,

50% when we argue in group guided discussions,

75% when we do things, and

80% when you teach and facilitate others.


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